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An Anthology of Poetry about Being Young and Growing Up
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Anonymous (English)

She was poor, but she was honest, Victim of the squire's whim: First he loved her, then he left her, And she lost her honest name. Then she ran away to London, For to hide her grief and shame; There she met another squire, And she lost her name again. See her riding in her carriage, In the Park and all so gay: All the nibs and nobby persons Come to pass the time of day. See the little old-world village Where her aged parents live, Drinking the champagne she sends them; But they never can forgive. In the rich man's arms she flutters, Like a bird with broken wing: First he loved her, then he left her, And she hasn't got a ring. See him in the splendid mansion, Entertaining with the best, While the girl that he has ruined, Entertains a sordid guest. See him in the House of Commons, Making laws to put down crime, While the victim of his passions Trails her way through mud and slime. Standing on the bridge at midnight, She says: 'Farewell, blighted Love.' There's a scream, a splash-Good Heavens! What is she a-doing of? Then they drag her from the river, Water from her clothes they wrang, For they thought that she was drownded; But the corpse got up and sang: 'It's the same the whole world over; It's the poor that gets the blame, It's the rich that get the pleasure. Isn't it a blooming shame?'

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