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An Anthology of Poetry about Being Young and Growing Up
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Jackie Kay

On my bedroom wall is a big poster of Angela Davis who is in prison right now for nothing at all except she wouldn't put up with stuff. My mum says she is only 26 which seems really old to me but my mum says it is young just imagine, she says, being on America's Ten Most Wanted People's List at 26! I can't. Angela Davis is the only female person I've seen (except for a nurse on TV) who looks like me. She has big hair like mine that grows out instead of down. My mum says it's called an Afro. If I could be as brave as her when I get older I'll be OK. Last night I kissed her goodnight again and wondered if she could feel the kisses in prison all the way from Scotland. Her skin is the same too you know. I can see my skin is that colour but most of the time I forget so sometimes when I look in the mirror I give myself a bit of a shock and say to myself Do you really look like this? as if I'm somebody else. I wonder if she does that. I don't believe she killed anybody. It is all a load of phoney lies. My dad says it's a set up. I asked him if she'll get the electric chair like them Roseberries┬░ he was telling me about. No he says the world is on her side. Well how come she's in there then I thinks I worry she's going to get the chair. I worry she's worrying about the chair. My dad says she'll be putting on a brave face. He brought me a badge home which I wore to school. It says FREE ANGELA DAVIS And all my pals says 'Who's she?' ┬░Roseberries: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted in the US of spying for the Soviet Union and executed.

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