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An Anthology of Poetry about Being Young and Growing Up
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Marcia Popp

i broke a vase at my great-grandfather's house when i was five here come sit on my lap he said don't feel bad about that vase i didn't like it anyway you helped me get rid of it i knew better but let him comfort me while i felt secretly bad inside did you know that my own mother said i was her worst boy no i said that can't be true oh yes he said and she was right i made accidents happen all the time i didn't really mean to do bad things they just came upon me when i wasn't paying attention when i was five my brother and i chased the goose in the barnyard until it fell over dead we propped her up in the fence so she would appear to be interested in the grass on the other side what happened my father noticed that the goose did not move all day we got spanked should i get spanked too for the vase not in my house he said.

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