(taut jeans dancing)

An Anthology of Poetry about Being Young and Growing Up
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pick-up at chef rizal restaurant

Virginia Cerenio

a young pinoy he like a dark alley too quiet w/ his brushed back hair leathered jacket ben davis pants w/ his nikes on stepping too quiet he plays pinball hands dancing to lights n bells but his hips rest silently against the machine. he orders chicken adobo over rice his mouth lingers with pleasure swallows food like a starving man but his eyes do not say anything only silently dart to each corner of the room like a nervous billiard ball before falling in the hole running again to hide in the corner pockets in back of his head he wipes his sleeve against his mouth sitting back with a puppet's jerk watching the white man with the slightly balding head pay the pretty pinay behind the counter "two plates chicken adobo and rice" the young pinoy follows him out shoulders hunched against questions from the silent brown eyes watching him silence only broken by rizal weeping verses

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